StrEAT Writing.

While most food journalism still tends to focus on the more “traditional” eateries, StrEAT is going to do its best to collect and summarise the best writing relating to street food on the web.

1) How to Tackle The Street Food Queue by Victoria Stewart (London Street Foodie).
A handy little guide for all those who have given up and gone to a chain because of the humungous lines that often goes hand in hand with good strEATing (street eating).

2)  London’s Street Food: A Short History by The Londonist.
While street food is often portrayed as something relatively new to London by a lot of food journalists, this is one of the few pieces that I know of that go through the 2000-year history of pavement dinning in the capital.

3)  Kitchenette by Jen Eats The Street.
A nice little interview with Cynthia Shanmugalingam, chief executive and co-founder of Kitchenette, the U.K’s first food-based incubator. While street food culture is genuinely restricted to pavements (at least in the UK), it’s nice to see a venture of this kind getting the attention that it deserves.

4) Bubbledogs by Tanya Gold, The Spectator
Again, another piece about strEATing’s adventures into more covered territory, Tanya Gold’s review of Fitzrovia based Bubbledogs is notable if only for her description of the menu as “street food served indoors”.

5) The Woman Who Wants A Street Food Revolution by Victoria Stewart, The Evening Standard
And finally, here is an article about Petra Barran, the woman behind KERB, the latest incarnation of Eat St by Kings Cross. While parts of the short piece are a little bit sycophantic, it is nice to get a little bit on an insight into one of the legends on the strEAT scene in London.