When is Streating Not Streating (and other questions)?

I’ve noticed something since we started doing this blog. While traditional restaurant critics and food writers are still drawing the distinction between streating and neating (normal eating), your average ‘gourmand’ doesn’t really care if their Banh Mi sandwich is from a stand in a market or a ‘proper’ restaurant.

One street trader told me that the main difference between food served in a restaurant and served by a street trader was “passion”. Another trader disagrees, saying: “I would think that our own restaurant is where all of us on the markets would like to get to but then maybe that is just me”.

But who is right? I don’t know. Are burritos and dosas consumed within the comfort of four walls still considered street food? Do people even care about the difference anymore, or are we just drawing a false distinction?

As we’re actually getting some content out there, both myself and the rest of the Streat team would greatly appreciate any thoughts that you may have on issues such as this.

Does eating on the street add to the experience? And how do you feel about the fact that “street food” is often so much more expensive in restaurants because of some imagined “hipness”?

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(Image sourced from John Godley)