Streetfood hangover cures

Being food bloggers and passionate foodies, it will come as little surprise that we at strEAT see food as the cure for most ills. Got a cold? Eat something spicy! Feeling down in the dumps? Chocolate brownies are a sure-fire cheerer-upper.

But no physical ailment is more curable with medicinal munchies than our old friend the hangover. When your head is pounding, your mouth feels like fuzzy felt and your stomach is churning like a Cornish dairy, what better way to put yourself back together than to tuck in to some good, wholesome (or perhaps not so wholesome) food.

We had thought about saving this post for a Saturday or Sunday – after all, what sort of person would be hungover on a school night? Disgraceful. However, with December fast approaching, Christmas festivities are beginning in earnest and people are finding themselves nursing sore heads and dicky bellies throughout the week. Not us, of course.

So we’ve put together a list of the best streetfood vendors to visit when you’re feeling a little… fragile. We’ve arranged them by food group to cater for the main recognised cures, but if you’ve got a food fix that we haven’t listed, let us know by posting in the comment box. We’re always looking for more tips!

In no particular order:


It’s hard to deny that for many hangovers trigger an almost primal urge to consume meat in copious quantities. Here’s an option for when nothing but meat will do:

Yum Bun

Yum bun serve up slow roasted belly pork in a “pillow-soft” steamed bun (their own description – perhaps so you can imagine you’re still in bed) with hoi sin sauce, cucumbers and spring onions. If that doesn’t scream hangover cure, we don’t know what does! They do also have a Japanese fried chicken or veggie option, if you’re not feeling pork-y. Find them at KERB and Broadway markets.

Yum Bun


While this particular morning-after craving could technically be satisfied with a visit to your nearest Greggs, we believe even in a weakened state it’s important to aim your sights a little higher than a flaccid sausage roll…

Eat My Pies

These fine purveyors of pastry dish up classics like pork pies, quiche and scotch eggs, but if you need a bit of spice to pep up your day you could always try one of their delicious chorizo pies.  They also have a number of veggie options. Find them at KERB, Whitecross and Broadway markets.

Eat My Pies


It’s not just athletes who need to carb load. When you need something weighty in your stomach to stop it from gurgling, then what better cure than some pasta, cooked just like mamma used to make (probably better, in fact):

Pasta e Basta

These relative street food newbies are serving up delicious artisan pasta, cooked to order right in front of you. Their signature dishes are beetroot gnocchi with creamy gorgonzola sauce and basil ravioli with cod, which – although delicious –  may prove a little too rich for delicate stomachs. However, we defy anyone not to feel better after sampling a dish that incorporates the holy trinity of hangover cures (carbs, meat, cheese): ravioli filled with courgette, ricotta and crispy Parma ham served in marjoram butter. Pasta e Basta can mostly be found at Harringay market, but also occasionally at Netil, Bounds Green, and Lower Marsh.

Pasta e Basta


A sweet treat is often a trump card to be played late on in a hangover – maybe you’ve tried some (or all) of the above but are still feeling lacklustre? Our recommendation in this case would be to not only go sweet, but to go DEEP FRIED. How can you go wrong?

Churros Garcia

For the uninitiated, churros are best described as long skinny doughnuts that have been deep-fried and rolled in sugar and cinnamon. They are served with a pot of thick chocolate dipping sauce, and are best enjoyed hot and fresh. Churros Garcia is a family run stall that has been going for 40 years, and serves up some of the best in town. You can find them at Portobello market and the Real Food market (behind Royal Festival Hall).



Lastly, we suppose you could always go for a healthy option to restore your energy and get your body back on-side (not that the others are particularly unhealthy, but they are somewhat more indulgent). Why not try something filling yet nutritious, and laden with veggies:

The Falafel Queen

This stall pretty much does what it says on the tin: falafels cooked on the spot and served with houmous, salad, tahini, chilli sauce and chips (OK, so not entirely wholesome). The Falafel Queen can be found at Camden Lock market’s middle yard.

Falafel Queen

So that concludes our suggestions for settling your wonky bellies and foggy heads over the festive period and beyond. We’re pretty sure at least one (or a combination of all five) of these cures should be enough to set you right again.

But if you have any other suggestions for fool-proof hangover street food, we’d love to hear them! Maybe you’re a vendor serving what you consider to be the ultimate hangover cure? Let us know!