(image sourced from commons.wikimedia.com)

Every foodie on the street has that moment-when red meat is craved but the thought of a burger (yes, even a Venison one) just turns their stomach. Enter Kabanos. Or rather not, as the Polish sausage has been a regular feature in British street markets since before Poland joined the EU in 2004.

Hidden amongst dry meat stands at pretty much any market near a significant Central European population, various vendors admit that the high-end pepperonis are probably not their biggest sellers. But give these paprika miracles a chance and you can have all that red meat feeling without any of the side effects of a burger.


Country of Origin: Poland

Original name: Kabonosy

Average Cost: £1.50

Pork breath count: 6/10

Date food?: Only if you are with another (every understanding) foodie.

Will it ruin my figure?: At 300 calories for every 100g of Kabanos, it isn’t exactly the best snack in the world, but infinitely better than McDonalds.