New Year’s (Foodie) Resolutions

You have eaten your body weight in mince pies, watched more movies for 12-year-olds in one sitting than you previously thought possible (don’t lie, you loved every second), and hit the sauce before even the postman had time to finish his rounds (if it’s served with orange juice it doesn’t count).

Who ate all the pies this Christmas?

Who ate all the pies this Christmas?

But before you settle into post-festivities bliss, don’t forget there are some cultural rites to adhere to! New Year’s Eve is less than four meals away, and that means you better have some resolutions at the ready. Just in case you’re in need of some inspiration here’s ours…

  • Visit more markets (duh!) The Maltby Street Market is high up on our list: Time Out London called it “a quiet bubble of gastronomic intent” and  Nigel Slater claims it’s the perfect place to do food shopping. Maltby Street itself is home to a litany of artisan producers and stockists: from French cheeses, to Kernel-brewed beers and Scottish oatcakes. The main street food market is known as “The Ropewalk”, and is situated between Maltby Street and Millstream Road. Conveniently, it’s all located near Monmouth (34-36 Maltby Street), where you can worship at the altar of gloriously good coffee. A stroll down the ropewalk on a Saturday morning would fit in just nicely post lie-in.
Image from "Now. Here. This." (Time Out)

Image from “Now. Here. This.” (Time Out)

  • Eat more offal The name alone makes me shudder (strange likeness to “awful”, no?) but one’s got to keep up with the gastronomic zeitgeist, plus nose to tail eating is economical, as well as environmentally friendly. I’ve had my fair share of accidental run-in’s with organs and entrails, including skewered beef heart in Peru, clay pot chicken feet in China and a fried spleen bap in Sicily (surprisingly tasty!) But everyone seems to be getting in on the entrail act in Blighty these days – Hawksmoor dishes up bone marrow burgers, street stall Tongue ‘n Cheek love a good tongue sandwich and Brawn in Bethnal Green hams up its menu with trotters.
Image from ""

Image from “”

  • Unearth more exotic stalls The ubiquitous Thai, Mexican and Indian street food stalls peppered around London (and the UK) really do make strEAT’s bellies happy, but our minds are still hungry for more! It seems strange that some countries with such big flavour impacts, and societies built around street food, are distinctly lacking here in terms of stalls. We’d love to see some Char Kway Teow – stir fried noodles with soy, egg, chilli and prawns – or Satay – meat skewered, barbecued and lathered in peanut sauce – both are served at hawker stalls all over Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Then there’s Okonomiyaki – Japan’s answer to savoury pancakes – and Aguadito – a hearty Peruvian chicken soup. The list goes on but you get the picture.
Image from the amazing "A Cozy Kitchen" blog.

Image from the amazing “A Cozy Kitchen” blog.

Gosh I feel exhausted after all those resolutions. Time to put my feet up with a glass of port and some mince pies.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Do they involve food? Maybe you know a fabulous Malaysian hawker stall that we might like? Let us know! We do love a good chinwag.

PS. I don’t even like mince pies.