Burgers, Ribs & Fried Chicken: London’s Top Five Meaty Delights

We all know that the best cuts of meat are found in London’s street markets. Rather than leave you to choose between various substandard burger stands and mobile greasy spoons, we’ve carefully selected the best carnal finger food available at lunchtime.
  1. 1) The Wild Game Co.

    The finest purveyors of venison this side of deer country divide their time between Broadway and Whitecross markets. Their surprisingly healthy deer steak sandwiches and juicy wild boar sausages are on just the right side of bloody for all meat-loving foodies in the capital.

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  3. 2)The Rib Man.

    This stall has all the hot sauce and BBQ ribs that you will ever need to get you through that morning-after-the-night-before. Splitting their time between Brick Lane and Kings Cross market, they are the perfect solution for those after a more greasy meat fix.

  4. @Lucky_Chip The Bill Murray has got to be the best burger in London #fact #london #burger http://pic.twitter.com/9AzG7HU7
  5. 3)Lucky Chip Burger

    Lucky Chip Burgers actually seem to care care about their customers’ dining experience. The Netil Market food truck has a “waiter” that takes your order and then brings it to a special seating area in the middle of market. The Bill Murray burger (above) is pretty damn awesome…

  6. 4)Moro.

    This Exmouth Market institution caters for anyone hankering for something more exotic. The street side outpost of the local restaurant of the same name distills Tajine into manageable takeaway containers for stand-up eaters.

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  8. 5)Spit and Roast.

    Spit and Roast’s buttermilk fried chicken is probably the better bet for anyone who wants a more “traditional” dimension to their street eating. Just the smells from their truck will have you salivating like no battered poultry has ever done before.

    (all images sourced from instagram)