Boxpark Shoreditch: Pop-Up Street Food Mall

What do Dizzee Rascal and street food have in common? The answer: Boxpark Shoreditch. The east London rapper opened the world’s first pop-up mall, made entirely of giant shipping containers stuck together. Within these corrugated walls lies some of the best semi-permanent street food Shoreditch has to offer (along with some fancy shops downstairs).

Box 53 – Thai & Lao Street Food


This place is pretty much as temporary as you can get. The menu consists of giant pieces of cardboard with meals written on in marker pen. You wouldn’t say the staff are the most friendly in the world, BUT they do serve an excellent pad thai (complete with giant king prawns) on a REAL PLATE for £6. There are about two seats inside, but a fair few outside under umbrellas and heaters. Go with an appetite as portions are huge.


Box 53 – La Catrina

IMG_0176Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 22.44.49

Oh burritos – the staple ingredient to any street food establishment across London. La Catrina keep it simple with a short, sharp menu filled with delicious freshly-marinated meat-stuffed burritos. We particularly liked the Día de los Muertos-themed graphics here. The only downside: paying extra for the guacamole. La Catrina aren’t the only culprits of this guac-rationing phenomenon. Is there something avocado sellers aren’t telling us……?

Box 44/45 – Chop’d


For those still working the health-kick diet, Chop’d is the place to fill up on detox-friendly food groups. The variety here is outstanding – from chicken and chorizo stew to vegetable soups and warm salads. It’s not cheap but it comes out top for flavour, freshness and general being-good-to-yourself points.

Where do I find this delightful food establishment?

Boxpark is on Shoreditch High Street. Just wander up from Liverpool Street. Walk under the bridge by Shoreditch High Street station and it’s on your right. You can’t miss it. Because of its temporary nature, you never know what’s going to pop up inside next… let us know your thoughts below!

P.S. Dizzee’s fourth album also shares a name with London offal vendors Tongue ‘n’ Cheek. Nice bit of useless street food trivia for you there.

Images by Nina Zietman, La Catrina and Chop’d