Word on the StrEAT

Being the devoted street food followers that we are, when we’re not eating, photographing or blogging about mobile morsels ourselves, you’ll often find the StrEAT team gobbling up other people’s musings on our favourite subject.

We realised we should put this obsession to good use and share our foodie finds with our equally passionate readers, so from now on we’ll be regularly pulling together street food news and happenings all in one place, so you can keep up to date. We’ll aim to include what we think is of most interest but, as always, if there’s other stuff you’d rather we focus on, do let us know.

Street food in the news

Street Food awards founder and general food aficionado Richard Johnson wrote an interesting piece on the Guardian Word of Mouth blog about street food cookery books. With big street food names such as The Bowler and Pitt Cue Co bringing out recipe books, he discusses whether street food recipes have any place being written down.

Jez Felwick, aka ‘The Bowler’ has also cropped up in the Telegraph – he talks about his own experiences of starting up a business as well as the growing street food scene in London and beyond.

Also in the Telegraph, French & Grace, a ‘quasi-Moroccan’ restaurant situated in StrEAT favourite Brixton Village market (they also have a stall at our other favourite: KERB) gets a mouth-wateringly good review. Check out what Zoe Williams has to say about their butterbean hummus and halloumi wraps.

Sweet street food peddlers The Meringue Girls get a mention in the Evening Standard as Victoria Stewart talks about the new wave of confectionery sweeping the food scene.

And just today, an interesting piece appeared in the Guardian looking at why small food start-ups are so popular, including comment from KERB founder Petra Barran.

Vendor news

Fried chicken behemoth’s Roost are currently in residency in friendly Soho pub the Sun & 13 Cantons. They’ll be there until March 30…  we suggest you get it while it’s hot.

Continuing the pub and fried chicken combination trend, relative newbies Thank Cluck have started a February residency at the Dalston Victoria. They’ll be there every Monday until the end of the month.

Market news

Borough market has finally reopened its main hall after two years of building disruption (a new railway viaduct has been installed). Read all about it in the Guardian.

Well, that’s it for now folks. Watch this space for another news round-up soon.

Image sourced from www.pr-media-blog.co.uk