Portobello and Golborne Road Market wins award


Portobello Market: it’s that special kind of hell, full of ignorant tourists and self-righteous trustafarians*.  However, the good people at the National Association for British Market Authorities seem to disagree as they’ve just given it the Outdoor Market of  the Year award at this year’s Market of the Year awards in Birmingham.

Along with Spitalfields and Brixton village, it was one of three markets that allowed London to dominate this year’s ceremony. While London only took three out of 11 available prizes, the capital still took home more awards than any other city in the competition.

Angus Duncan, the man behind iconic food stand The Everybody Loves Loves Jal Muuri Express, thinks the award well deserved. “It’s a great market,” he says. “It’s really community-orientated and full of these old traders that have been there for ages.”

Outside of London the street food scene is “blossoming”. Duncan says “the seed has been sown but the scene is obviously not as rich yet.” This is evidenced by the amount of winners from far-flung locations such as Swadlincots and Darlington, as well as the rise of “Kerb-esque” enterprises like Guerrilla Eats outside of London.

*this is the opinion of the author rather than the blog as a whole…


Images by Imperial and Travel Pandaz