Spit & Roast Jamboree: The Review

Street food isn’t just about eating. It’s a pastime. There’s a whole experience wrapped up in devouring street food – from choosing your dish to the friendly vendor chat to working out where to sit. It’s not an easy feeding process, but our good friends over at Spit & Roast just made it a whole lot easier.


Last Friday, they invited us along to their Jamboree. Four different street food vendors came together in one kitchen, serving up a prosecco reception and four-course meal (inside with seats!) This was all for a reasonable price of £32.50 (just think about how much food you get). It was held in The Princess Alice near Aldgate East, a trendy pub with a bar upstairs for boozing and eating, overlooking a nice view of the Gherkin.

We arrived starving. Dan, the technological foodie among us, accidentally bought two tickets. Instead of asking for a refund, he kept both tickets and ate TWO of everything. Yes, everything.

First up: spicy buffalo wings from The Orange Buffalo. These came with a spiciness chart, starting with the tasty Original to the Woof Woof (spicy but not overwhelming) right up to the eye-watering Viper. Dan, being the legend he is, chose the Viper. Cool sour cream dip made a welcome accompaniment. There were a few tears and quite a lot of sweat pouring from Dan’s forehead. He announced triumphantly after licking the Viper bowl clean: “I had a cold before. It’s gone now…”

Note to readers: Chloe found out that lipstick and buffalo wings were not an ideal combination. Perhaps leave the rouge at home, ladies.


Second up: Spit & Roast’s famous poutine. Being something of a poutine connoisseur, I was intrigued by the addition of pulled pork to this Quebec delicacy. It was really tasty but slightly lacking in cheese. The heat from the pulled pork wasn’t quite ferocious enough to turn the gratings until the melted mass we hoped.


Next: Bleeker St. Burgers. We were already starting to feel a little full at this point. Drinks were flowing, everyone was mellowing down to the Latin American samba tunes. And then came the burger. A perfectly cooked little patty (medium rare – we had the pleasure of seeing them grilled in the kitchen ourselves). Rumour has it that they use meat aged for 45 days prior to cooking. The locally-sourced bun is topped off with melted cheese and special burger sauce.


Finally, the meal was brought to a close with a GIANT portion of chocolate ice cream with blood orange sorbet from Sorbitium Ices. This divided opinions across our table. Was it too rich? Was the sorbet orangey enough? I personally thought it was one of the best chocolate ice creams I’ve ever tasted (and this is taking into account how delicious Häagen-Dazs is). The pairing with the acidic blood orange sorbet worked brilliantly.


 All in all, we had a really fantastic time at the Jamboree. It encompassed everything we could possibly want from a Friday evening – good food, great company and some excellent tunes. It was made all the better by the welcoming atmosphere of The Princess Alice and the charm of the Spit & Roast team. Highly recommended!

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Images by Chloe Cann