More word on the streat


It’s been a few weeks since we rounded up the latest street food goings-on, so we thought it was about time we trawled through the news to bring you the choicest foodie morsels.

If, like us, you’re fed up of chomping on chocolate after the Easter weekend and fancy savouring something a little more, well, savoury, then we’ve got just the things to get you going.

Top 50 foodie picks

For starters, the Observer Food Monthly published their top 50 foodie picks. These aren’t just limited to street food (they talk about regular sit-down restaurants all over the world, as well as interesting ingredients and drinks) but a number of our street food favourites feature in the list. To name but a few: they wax lyrical about gourmet pizza, in particular Berwick street residents pizza pilgrims; they talk about our chilly faves Sorbitium ices’ amazing apricot milk with salep and orange blossom ice cream(you may remember we enjoyed their blood orange sorbet and salted chocolate ice cream at the street food jamboree we attended last month); and they praise the puffed-rice goodness of festival stalwart and KERB regular Everybody Love Love Jhalmuri Express. Well worth a read, if only to play with the wonderful interactive image that links to everything in the list (which we’ve screen-shotted above).

New foodie

It seems there’s a new street foodie on the block… Joel Braham, owner of the Good Egg stall, featured recently as a ‘young British foodie’ in the Evening Standard. He is due to join the KERB gang in the spring (if it ever comes), serving up Shakshuka, a North African tomato stew served with eggs and preserved lemon yoghurt, as well as other eggy delights such as breakfast burritos… with the promise of more choices to come. Personally, we can’t wait to try Joel’s food – it sounds delicious, and quite different. Quite eggcelent, if you will.

Street food on the box

Turning to telly now, and everyone’s favourite Marathon-running, smily-faced Masterchef judge (and occasional chef) Michel Roux jr had street kitchen entrepreneur Jun Tanaka on his BBC 2 Food & Drink show a few weeks ago. Jun tried to convert haute cuisine Michel to street food by helping him cook up a ‘perfect burger’. He’s appealing to Michel’s gourmet side here, with a duck burger served with vacherin cheese, served on a brioche bun with girolle mushrooms. Fancy giving it a go yourself? Here’s the clip of them making it.

The Clove Club

Lastly, though it’s not technically street food, we wanted to mention restaurant-of-the-moment The Clove Club as it definitely has its roots in the pop-up scene. The Clove Club is located in Shoreditch town hall and serves food featuring ‘interesting and often overlooked British ingredients’ (their words). It has been reviewed by a number of publications recently, notably the Independent (who also list a number of other pop-ups-turned-permanent); the Evening Standard; and Time Out. The feedback is mixed, but we think (in between street market visits, of course) we might just give it a go.

Until our next foodie round-up… Happy Streating!

Picture courtesy of Observer Food Monthly