Borough Market: Street Food Supremacy?

Borough Market. The market to end all markets.

A convenient do-si-do from London Bridge station, a market has existed there in some shape or form since the 13th century. Today it is one of the largest and oldest of it’s kind in London, proffering street food delicacies from all over the world from over 100 different stalls.

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In February, after two years of refurbishment and renovation, the old hall at London’s Borough Market reopened.

But the market’s London street food reign hasn’t been without it’s controversies. strEAT walks you through them bite by bite, with Storify:

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Vendors and punters alike, we would be gosh darn thrilled to hear your thoughts on Borough. Do you think Borough merely sells overpriced tourist fodder? Are the market’s trustees championing an elitist agenda? And, most importantly, do you eat there?

London Borough Market is open for lunch Monday-Wednesday, 10-3pm, with longer opening hours Thursday-Saturday. Expect to pay between £4-£7 for any dish.