The Big Street Food World Map

Ever thought there’s an abundance of burritos out there in London’s street food markets? More Indian curries than Thai? An overwhelming variety of burgers? We agree. And as a result, we decided to do a little survey of our own to prove it.

We chose 13 different markets from all corners of London, including 148 individual street food stalls – and put them into a nice handy map to show which continents have the most sway on our street food.

Check it out below (if you’re eyes are struggling, click to zoom in!)


It may not be hugely scientific – but each figure shows how many stalls from our survey serve that country’s cuisine.¬†As predicted – burgers, cupcakes, fries and other greasy American delights were topping the chart in the USA. The UK are right at the top, dominating our streets with everything from Scotch Eggs to hog roast.¬†Thanks to pizza and ice cream, Italy was not far behind.

There was a surprising entry from Suriname (chili cassava fries anyone?) and a few less Asian stalls than we expected. China in particular dropped particularly low. Perhaps this is a indication of food trends sweeping London, is Chinese currently on the way out?

What country’s food would you like to see more of? Let us know below…

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