Best and worst things about working in street food (from the vendors)

It looks like such fun, standing out in the sunshine, chatting to people and dishing out delicious food. But is it really as good as it looks? We surveyed some street food vendors on what the best and worst elements of running a street food business are, and we made some pretty pictures out of their responses.

Best things

Here are the some examples of what they said were the best aspects of the job:

Meeting a huge range of people and spreading our love and passion for food

The freedom of doing what you want without being worried about some stupid costs like the ridiculously high cost of restaurant rent!

Seeing people enjoy your food.

And here’s everything that was said:

Based on 12 responses

Based on 12 responses

Seems as though people and food are at the heart of their enjoyment of the job…

Worst things

These quotes pretty much sum up the consensus for the worst aspects of the job:

Carrying everything. Packing, unpacking, packing up, setting down, loading the car, unloading the car. Who needs the gym.

Battling the weather and councils.

Sounds like hard work…┬áHere’s what else they had to say:

Based in 12 responses

Based on 12 responses

So if we understand correctly, working in street food would be a lot easier/ more pleasant if the weather was better and there was less manual labour. But then people keep doing it, so the love of food must make up for it…

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