Yet more word on the strEAT

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We know it hasn’t been that long since we blogged about the to-ings and fro-ings in the world of London street food.

But the world moves quickly and there has been plenty going on, so we thought we’d do another quick round-up of streetfood-in-the-news.

London’s new street food

For those looking to be on the cutting edge, Resident Evening Standard foodie Victoria Stewart wrote a useful summary of the best new street food places in London. Among many others, she mentions Camden residents Kimchi Cult, whose tasty treats we tried at KERB your enfoodiasm back in November, as well as other favourites Gurmetti (though she doesn’t mention Mr Gurmetti’s INCREDIBLE moustache, which we think is an attraction in itself). Another mention that piqued our interest is of a pop-up restaurant on a boat being launched by Seychelles street foodies Vinn Goute – we do enjoy an aquatic experience.

Wild Game Co

Andy Waugh of Wild Game Co was profiled in Metro, talking about how he gave up his job as a city trader to sell meat – and eventually street food – to the hungry meat eaters of London. He was a winner at last year’s Young British Foodie awards (in the street food category) so he can’t have done too badly. He talks about his dream of opening a roaming restaurant championing seasonal Scottish cuisine, all while wearing a kilt. We think we might be in love…

Top street food cities

Lastly, some bad news. A list of the top ten street food cities in the world was announced… and London wasn’t on it. We know, we know it’s a travesty. It seems Hong Kong has the best kerbside fare, followed by Rio de Janeiro then Paris. We can only assume whoever put the list together hasn’t been reading our blog and so isn’t aware of all the wonderful street food treats London has to offer. Nevertheless, this could be a useful way of choosing where to go on your next holiday…

Well that’s it for now. We hope we’ve served up enough street food news to keep you going until the next instalment. As always, if there’s something going on you think we’d like to know about, get in touch, either by commenting below, or tweeting us @streat_blog.