Meet the vendors: Thank Cluck

Did you know that the delicious street food you regularly devour is made by… people? It’s true! We couldn’t quite believe it either.

But once we realised, we noticed them everywhere… people cooking food, people selling food, people talking to other people who want to buy food. And we thought it might be nice to meet some of the people who put all the work into cooking the lovely street food we eat.

So we met up with Ahmed, Becca and Rory from (posh) fried chicken emporium¬†Thank Cluck¬†in a pub in Chapel Market (excuse the noise), for a chat about weather, meeting people and guilty secrets…

Thank Cluck are Ahmed Ali, Rebecca Okot and Rory Goulcher. They are currently in residence at London Cocktail Club on Goodge street; you can catch them there from 4:30 – 11pm most evenings.

Follow them on Twitter: @ThankCluck and Facebook: They’ve got some exciting announcements coming up…

Footage by Bronwen Morgan