Visit the top ten street food cities… without leaving London

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We mentioned in a recent news round-up that a list of the top ten street food cities in the world had been announced and… shock horror… London wasn’t on it.

We’ve since recovered and thought it might be nice to use this news as a way of showing off all the different cuisines that London street food has to offer. So we’ve recreated the top ten below, and given details of where you can go to sample the food from that city/ country. You’re welcome!

1. Hong Kong, China

It’s no surprise that bustling Hong Kong has come top of the street food list – with delicacies like snake soup and steamed dumplings, there’s something for everyone. But if you fancy something similar closer to home, why not try Yum Bun. They serve up free range, slow-roasted pork in a soft rice bun, served with hop sin sauce, cucumber, spring onions and sriracha (though veggie options are available too). Find them at Broadway market and Eat.St King’s Cross.

2. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Having beautiful beaches and amazing parties is clearly not enough for Brazil… they need to have excellent street food too. Their offerings are perhaps less well-known than some others on the list, with dishes such as cod fritters and rice, beans and pork, but you can still get hold of some hearty Brazilian food on London’s streets if you look hard enough. Try the Guarana stall at Whitecross market – they mostly serve rib-eye sandwiches, but the Brazilian chef has been known to cook up feijoada (pork and bean stew) and pao de queijo (cheese buns).

3. Paris, France

In the eyes of street food enthusiasts, the city of love could well be renamed the city of Nutella. That glorious chocolate-y, nutt-y paste is smeared over gloriously thin crepes all over the French capital. And we love it. If you want to have the same over here, head to Creperie Nicolas. You’ll find them at the Real Food market and at Eat.St.

4. Boston, US

Known as the city that gave us Cheers, Boston also has a thriving street food scene, with over 50 trucks dotted around the city dishing out gourmet street food. Given how famous they are for fresh seafood, why not pretend you’re in Massachusetts and head down to the Real Food market to the Whitstable Shellfish stall. They’ll half and grill a fresh lobster in front of you, then serve it with homemade lime mayonnaise and tartar sauce, chips and salad.

5. Istanbul, Turkey

The bustling Turkish capital – which spans two continents – is synonymous with succulent kebabs and glorious mezze. For a Turkish taste without the travel, try heading to Iskele. It’s an extension of a restaurant on the same street, serving up Turkish pizzas and wraps.

6. Mexico city, Mexico

Well we all know how popular Mexican street food is in London. We often associate Mexican with burritos, but in Mexico city  the most popular street dish is tacos al pastor – thinly sliced pork that has been spit-roasted and covered in chili sauce, then served with chopped onion and coriander and rolled into a small tortilla. For an authentic Mexican experience in London, head to Buen Provecho  on Lower Marsh (next to Waterloo station).

7. Ottawa, Canada

A surprise addition to the list, Ottawa often gets overshadowed in the food stakes by Vancouver and Toronto. But with over 40 food trucks in the city selling international treats and Canadian delicacies like poutine and beaver tails (NB not actual beaver tails – they’re fried pastries), it’s definitely one to watch. For a poutine fix over here, get yourself to P’tite poutine at Broadway market.

8. Marrakech, Morocco

Moroccan food, with it’s mixture of savoury and sweet spicing and hearty meat stews, is a foodies delight. In Marrakech there are literally hundreds of street food stalls dishing out anything from couscous-based dishes to sheep’s heads. For a taste of the exotic in London, head to the Moroccan soup stand on Golborne road in West London.

9. Berlin, Germany

This history-rich city is a tourist’s delight, and what better way to refuel than to visit one of the many street food stalls selling currywurst – deep fried sausages covered in ketchup and liberally sprinkled with curry powder. If you fancy a meaty fix why not head to Kurz & Lang in Farringdon. OK, so it’s not strictly street food, but the restaurant is tiny and you can get it to take away. Forgive us.

10. Fukuoka, Japan

Last on the list is Fukuoka – not the most famous Japanese city, but apparently well-known for its street food (it has over 150 stalls). Specialities include ramen dishes, pan fried dumplings and tempura, all washed down with a glass of sake. For a Japanese experience, head to the Okonomiyaki (Japanese savoury pancakes) stall in the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane.