StrEATING inside

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If the gallery above shows how street food is traditionally thought of in Britain, we should probably add the caveat that it is increasingly out of date. Street food has been steadily making its way indoors for some time now, and while a year ago it fazed me now I believe there is room for both sides of the coin.

Angus Denoon Duncan, of iconic Indian food stand Everybody Loves Jal Mhuri, agrees. “They are two different things really.  Yes, it might have been street food in its home country but maybe the people around here [Britain] aren’t the kind of people who would enjoy eating on the street.” Angus himself was a chef who trained in the famous Cordon Bleu cookery school, making the move from restaurants to street food in the past couple of years.

But what does everybody else think? Where is your favorite place to eat ‘street’ food indoors? Are you still put off from dining al streeto because you prefer to sit down, or are you a purist who likes to trawl the markets of Borough and Hackney during lunchtimes and weekends? We’re anxious to hear from you so please comment below or tweet us at @streat_blog.

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