Three of the best Programmes about Street Food.

Hopefully, you will have been reading this blog for a while by now. Your lunchtime search for sustenance will have been broadened out beyond limp sandwiches and hotdogs of dubious intent. However, just in case you still needed that extra little bit of encouragement than here are three programs that make street food look incredibly glamorous and almost unrealistically tasty.

Eat St @ Canadian Food Network.

This programme from the Canadian food network has perhaps done more than anybody to fly the flag for food trucks and street vendors. Hosted by Canadian comedian James Cunningham, the show mostly covers traders from across the pond but occasionally strays across the pond to cover the likes of Everybody Loves Jal Mhuri and Luardos.

Andy Bates’ Street Feast@ Food Network UK

However, for those hankering for a programme that is focussed on something a bit closer to home than the chef Andy Bates and food network UK has got you covered. His show “Streat Feasts” has travelled from Edinburgh to Glasgow in search of everything from Scotch egg pies to jerked chicken.

Street Food Heroes on The Food Programme @ Radio 4


(image sourced from Wikimedia Commons and Food Network Canada)

However, if all of this is a bit too low brow for you than the BBC has got you covered. While Radio 4 does not produce a programme dedicated to street food, their annual street food hero awards, celebrating the best stands and  have become a highlight on the pavement culinary scene.