Who are we?

We are five young journalists sacrificing our waistlines to cover the street food scene in London:

Bronwen Morgan
Whether it’s hot dogs or haute cuisine, Bronwen is food-obsessed. A fervent Francophile, she is currently undergoing treatment for an intense addiction to creme brûlée.




Chloe Cann
An insufferable foodie with a penchant for cured meats, Peruvian food and anything deep fried, Chloe is a non-stop grazer who will get (very) cranky if you don’t feed and water her every four hours. Pickled foods cause her much distress.




Daniel Zuidijk

Daniel is the son of a continental chef and was essentially raised on a diet of red meat and eclairs. He enjoys venison, smoothies and anything that’s even remotely Japanese.




Nina Zietman
A dedicated foodie to the core, Nina’s ultimate weaknesses are French cheese and sea salt chocolate. When not eating, she is often found devouring anything written by Giles Coren or AA Gill.






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